Antiquing Agent

ANTIQUING AGENT is a colorant composed of specially blended iron-oxide pigments. When applied to stamped concrete or THIN-CRETE it provides a rich and unique accent.


ANTIQUING AGENT provides a beautiful accent to freshly stamped concrete or THIN-CRETE but is also the perfect product to revitalize old stamped concrete. These colorants are specially designed to tint grout lines and stamped impressions without affecting the base color. There are various combinations of colors that will give the antiquing effect by accentuating the highlights, and making stamped patterns come to life.


ANTIQUING AGENT is specifically designed for use with stamped concrete or THIN-CRETE, but may be used to highlight any properly prepared concrete surface prior to sealing.


ANTIQUING AGENT is available in 5 lb (2.26 kg) units.


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