Eucon V-MOD

EUCON V-MOD is a unique powdered admixture formulated to prevent segregation or excessive bleeding in concrete that does not have an optimum gradation of fine aggregates. Typically, EUCON V-MOD is used in self-consolidating concrete or where gap-graded aggregates must be used. EUCON V-MOD is also useful in grouting applications to reduce segregation and bleed. Do not use EUCON V-MOD with a naphthalene-based admixtures.


  • Reduces or eliminates excessive bleeding and segregation
  • Produces a cohesive mix
  • Will not decrease workability
  • Increases pumpability with harsh mixtures


  • Self-consolidating concrete
  • Gap-graded aggregates
  • Pumped concrete
  • Precast/prestressed
  • Ready mix
  • Annulus grouting
  • Hi-Flow grouts
  • Underground construction
  • Tunneling applications
  • Pervious Concrete


EUCON V-MOD is packaged in 5 gal. pails containing (20) 1 lb (0.45 kg) dissolvable bags.

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