Articles and publications by Euclid Chemical employees on concrete related topics.

  • With Every Fiber of Our Being

    Michael Mahoney - Chicago Architect

  • Use of Cathodic Protection in a Shotcrete System

    Jesse Osborne - Shotcrete Magazine, 2015

  • Euclid Chemical Takes You Out to the Ballpark

    Michael Mahoney - Concrete INFOCUS, 2015

  • The New Generation of Crack Healer/Sealers

    Dave Flax, Concrete Repair Bulletin, 2014

  • Freeze Resistant Concrete

    Warren McPherson - Concrete International, 2013

  • The Library Lane Parking Structure in Ann Arbor, Michigan

    Warren McPherson - Concrete International, 2012

  • Specifications: Are They Clear, Concise, and Current?

    Bill Phelan - Concrete International, 2012

  • Becoming Sealer Savvy

    Jennifer Crisman - Concrete Contractor Magazine, 2011

  • 5 Common Sealer Problems

    Jennifer Crisman - Concrete Contractor Magazine, 2011

  • ASR Control with Advanced Lithium Technology at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

    Caroline Talbot and Steven Bell - Concrete in Focus Magazine, 2008

  • Protective Treatments for Decorative Concrete

    Jennifer Crisman - The Concrete Specifier, 2006

  • Structural Fibers for Precast and Slabs on Ground

    Michael Mahoney - Construction Canada, 2005

  • Admixtures and Aggregates, Key Elements in Athletic Concrete Revisited

    Bill Phelan - Concrete International, 2004

  • Self-Consolidating Concrete Solves Challenging Placement Problems

    Michel Lessard, Brian Salazar & Caroline Talbot - Concrete International, 2003

  • Planning Leads to High Performance Floor

    Bill Phelan - Concrete Construction Magazine, 1999

  • Slaying the Curling Dragon

    Bill Phelan - Concrete Construction Magazine

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