Project Profiles

Case studies of projects where Euclid Chemical played a key role

  • PR01 - CR44 Bridge Deck Overlay

    Fiber Reinforced Concrete Bridge Deck

  • PR02 - Woodpeckers Industrial Floor

    Low Shrinkage, Extended Joint Fiber Reinforced Concrete Floor

  • PR03 - Ghent Road

    Fiber Reinforced Concrete Pavement

  • PR04 - Riverfalls Towers

    Repair and protect a 44 year old cast-in-place concrete deck to extend its service life while restoring the original esthetics of the design.

  • PR05 - Lorenzetta Creek Hydro Project

    Pipeline stabilization coming down a mountainside

  • PR06 - Articulated Concrete Mattress Casting

    59,000 cubic yards of mattress casting using fibers and admixtures

  • PR07 Center for Health Innovation and Cleveland Convention Center

    Replace conventional reinforcement in exposed concrete floor

  • PR08 - Prologis Pulaski

    Industrial floor utilizing fiber reinforcement to extend joint spacing

  • PR09 - Decorative Precast Retaining Wall

    New retaining wall in Strongsville, OH

  • PR10 - Decorative Concrete Roundabout

    Reconstruction of street and roundabout

  • PR11 - Municipal Water Supply Pump House

    Cast-in-place Pump House with board form pattern stained with Stone Essence

  • PR12 - Michigan State University Broad Art Museum

    Three levels of angled walls, some tilted at 70-75 degree angled walls with virtually no parallel or perpendicular walls

  • PR13 - Parking Garage Restoration

    Concrete rehabilitation of two lower levels of a parking deck

  • PR14 - Monterey Hotel & Spa

    Crack injection and concrete repair, followed by a decorative and weatherproof coating

  • PR15 - Color-Crete Driveway

    Driveway using Increte Color

  • PR16 - Combined Sewer Overflows

    Concrete storage basin reinforced with Tuf-Strand SF macro fibers & Vandex AM-10 waterproofing admixture

  • PR17 - ORMC Parking Garage Helipad

    Helicopter pad at Orlando Regional Medical Center

  • PR18 - Ballast Point Brewery

    Conversion of old factory floor into a restaurant and showroom

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