Technical brochures on Euclid Chemical's products, technologies and construction practices.

  • Admixtures HP & Specialty

    High performance air entraining, set modifying, water reducers and specialty admixtures

  • Admixture Dispenser Systems

    Liquid Admixture Dispensing Equipment Brochure

  • Admixtures for Manufactured Concrete Products

    Plasticizers, efflorescence-control, integral water repellents, and concrete/mortar set modifiers 

  • Blocktite System

    For Water Repellent Concrete Masonry

  • Bridge Construction and Rehabilitation

    Adhesives, bridge deck overlays, grouting, curing compounds, coatings, penetrating sealers and cathodic protection.

  • Chemical Grouting

    DURAL AQUA-DAM, applications, hydrophilic and hydrophobic grouts, and additional chemical grout products.

  • Chemical Grouting - Spanish

    Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic Grout Brochure

  • Color-Crete

    Integral Color System

  • Corrosion Prevention

    SENTINEL™ GALVANIC ANODES and additional corrosion passivation products from Euclid Chemical.

  • Corrosion Prevention - Spanish

    Sacrificial Galvanic Anodes

  • Curing and Sealing

    Curing and Sealing Concrete Brochure

  • Euclid Chemical Corporate Brochure

    Proven. Concrete. Solutions.

  • Fiber Reinforced Concrete

    PSI fiberstrand micro synthetic fibers, TUF-STRAND macro synthetic fibers, PSI steel fibers and blended fibers

  • Fiber Brochure - French

    Reinforced Concrete

  • Flexolith

    Traffic Deck Coating

  • Increte

    Stamped Concrete System

  • Industrial Coatings and Repair

    Industrial Coatings and Repair Solutions

  • Manufactured Concrete Products (MCP)

    Plasticizing, Efflorescence Control, and Integral Water Repellent Admixtures for Brick, Block, and Paver Applications

  • Mining

    Shotcrete materials, concrete admixtures, ultra/micro fine cements, waterproofing systems, synthetic and steel fibers and cementitious and chemical groups for mining applications.

  • Parking Facilities

    Concrete repair materials, cathodic protection, traffic deck overlays, architectural wall coatings and waterproofing products.

  • Pervious Concrete

    Pervious Concrete Mixing, Placing and Finishing Brochure

  • Precast

    Admixtures & Construction Products

  • Reactive Sealers Brochure

    Siliconate, Silicate, and Lithium Silicate Reactive Sealer Solutions

  • Reactive Sealers Brochure - French

    Siliconate, Silicate, and Lithium Silicate Reactive Sealer Solutions

  • Repair Pocket Guide

    Concrete Repair Solutions for Horizontal, Vertical, and Overhead Applications

  • Spray-Deck

    Textured Overlay System

  • Stain-Crete

    Acid Stain System

  • Stone-Crete

    Architectural Formliner System

  • Texture-Crete

    Patterned Overlay System

  • Thin-Crete

    Stamped Overlay System


    Macro-Synthetic Fiber Applications and Projects

  • Tunneling Brochure

    Annulus Grout Admixtures, Precast Concrete Admixtures, Soil Conditioners, Cutterhead Foam, Fiber Reinforcement, and Concrete Repair & Protection Products

  • Waterproofing Solutions

    Waterproofing Coatings, Urethane Grouts, Concrete Repair Materials, High Performance Admixtures, and Chemical Resistant Coatings & Liners

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